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Your new Lite Picture Compressing Managing Tool

Introducing PicPak: Your all-in-one solution for images processing and sharing!!
RobertApp Developer and objective reviewer

About the app

Easy Managing

Are you annoyed by the limits of file size when you attempting to uploading pictures to online service or file any official applications? Or maybe you simply want to reudce the size of your bloated album to to free some disk spaces?

Compress with profile

All these tasks are now made super easy by a simple minimalist tool - PicPak! It's your ultimate (and unofficial) manager for the images, profiled pictures to set up a profolio, or sharing it directly to other device!.

Export on the go

Images reduced to target file size with a few clicks. Browse through your past output records without effort. And - Export and Sharing as bundled PDF file or simply images directly!.