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About the app

Wide Range of Collection

Looking for the top dog in CPUs? The alpha of the camera pack? Or maybe just the reigning champ of operating systems? Dive into iRanking! It's your ultimate (and unofficial) hub for the latest and greatest in tech rankings. From the brains of computers (yeah, those CPUs) to the eyes of smartphones (cameras, of course!), we've got the scoop.

Friendly User Interface

Stay updated with the latest in CPU, GPU, Camera, and even OS market share rankings! Browse through a variety of tech products and fun facts! (And maybe a few amusing lists just to keep things spicy )and User-friendly interface that makes being a tech geek cooler than ever!

Further Support

Dream of seeing a certain ranking list? Have a burning desire for a custom top chart? Keep those peepers peeled for app updates! And don't hesitate to nudge our developer with your fantastic ideas. We're on a mission to keep our content as fresh as tomorrow's headlines. So while our current content might seem "limited edition," rest assured, we're just getting started.